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Born in the mountains of Colorado, Liberty is an award winning ski company leading the industry in ski technology innovations. We caught up with the team at the SIA conference in Denver where we had the opportunity to learn about Liberty’s passion developing products for a growing market. We interview Dan Chalfant and Jim Satloff and produced a few short videos all during the SIA event, ensuring Liberty had content to push out through their various media platforms.

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Liberty at SIA
Ski Shoot in Studio
It's simple. Show up, roll cameras, and listen to the story. There's always something new to learn when you can be present.

– Steve Yazzie / Director of Video Production

Liberty Skis is a greatly appreciated friend to GUM and we are very proud to work with them in all types of capacities. Liberty is a well established CO ski brand and are quickly growing larger each and every year, even sponsoring a 2018 Winter Olympian, Teal Harle, ripping up the slopes in South Korea on Liberty’s skis. We honestly feel less like Liberty’s marketing and video vendor, and more like an extension of the Liberty marketing team. This relationship speaks volumes and is one example of many of how we operate with our clients.  We are much more focused on creating quality work to further Liberty’s brand than we will ever be on just “making a dime”. We look forward to a long and trusted shred fest with our pals in Avon. Oh yeah……did I mention that they make INSANELY  BADASS skis?!

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We have done several projects with Ginger Up Marketing. The team has an incredible set of skills that has really helped boost our marketing efforts. Roger is incredibly easy to work with and we look forward to working with him and his team in the future.